Do you provide WordPress design and development for website owners?

For the most part, no. The vast majority of my time on design and development work is taken up by my agency clients.

I have over 15 years of design & development experience, I custom code all of my own WordPress themes and this skill set lends itself to larger projects with bespoke needs, that often require a team. Website owners that reach out directly to me tend to have smaller projects, with more generic requirements that don’t require my primary skills. That typically makes me a bad (and sometimes expensive) fit for a website owner project. Not in all cases, but in the majority.

Based on this, I typically focus my time on design and development with partner agencies.

Do you have any generic WordPress website templates that I can use?

Watch this space. I am in the process of creating a DIY WordPress website builder that will reduce the complexity of building your own WordPress website compared to current theme builders, page builders and block editors. Including WordPress Gutenberg.

Building your own WordPress website is about to get much easier.

Once live, this facility will be made available to the public for an extremely valuable monthly subscription fee.

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Do you offer WordPress consulting

Sure. I don’t know if you’d call it consulting as such as I’m not going to charge you for my time, but please reach out with your questions. I like to share my experience and help where I can, so I’ll certainly get back to you, pointing you in the right direction where possible.