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Co-authors in your WordPress RSS feeds

I use Co-Authors Plus in one of my client projects, which is awesome. One issue I ran into is that the guest author wasn’t displaying in the standard WordPress RSS feed. Searching online only found… Read more »

Stay Safe with a Strong Password

Weak & obvious passwords are still the biggest vulnerability to any website or profile online. More websites are hacked through password cracking that any other method – a strong password is the easiest and most… Read more »

Shopify Ecommerce Websites

Unfortunately I no longer support Shopify website development. However, I do offer awesome eCommerce facilities using WooCommerce. Please contact me to know more. Online Facilities Using the Shopify Ecommerce facilities, you have over 100 professional… Read more »

Etobicoke Website Hosting

I offer website hosting for client websites that I have designed and developed. I use an advanced hosting platform supplied by Media Temple, who offer extremely reliable and super fast servers. Unfortunately I can’t offer… Read more »

Landing Pages & Single Page Websites

Landing pages and single page websites offer a platform to provide an extremely focused message and encourage a guided action by the website visitor. They are a key part of online marketing campaigns. Landing pages… Read more »

Look & Feel Website Design

An efficient and focused design process Traditionally, a website would be designed initially in image format, in extreme detail. Once the client was happy with the design, it would be developed into the website itself,… Read more »

Planyo Bookings & Reservation Website Development

I develop Planyo websites, integrating the Planyo online reservation system & booking software. I develop Planyo websites, integrating the Planyo online reservation system & booking software. Planyo is a hugely flexible reservation system that also… Read more »

Toronto WordPress Developer

I am a Toronto WordPress Developer specializing in custom WordPress website development. What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest… Read more »

Website Health Check

Request a FREE Website Health Check Step 1: Simply fill in your website URL and contact email address Step 2: I’ll review the health of your website, assessing various criteria, including: Page Load Speed Search… Read more »