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Helping support worthwhile causes and companies that are making a difference in the world. Discounted Not for Profit Website Design.

I want to direct my efforts towards helping support worthwhile causes and companies that are making a difference in the world.

  • I want to work with organisations that inspire me
  • I want to contribute towards and offer additional value to the great work that people are already doing around me
  • I want to support ethically positive movements
  • I want to assist in efforts to maintain our environment and planet for future generations
  • I want to support social and community causes
  • I want to support small businesses and local communities over large corporations

You don’t necessarily have to be registered as a not for profit organisation, but if you are making a positive difference to our world, the people in it and our environment, I want to work with you and help contribute.

I started out in this industry as a graphic & web designer, following a passion for design & aesthetics and I loved it. As the years passed, my interest in growing a company rose, and my attentions switched to the economics of my industry and my business.

I started to work with larger companies, on larger projects with larger price tags attached to them. Things were going great and the business was growing, but for what? My work life, and a part of me was focused on the economics and finances of my business, inspired by the economics and finances of all the companies around me.

I wasn’t building a corporation, and the profit numbers associated weren’t anything to write home about, but it was still a direction and a mentality that held very little real life value to me, my friends, my family and the community around me. And if the truth be told, I wasn’t really enjoying it. Not only was I not enjoying that direction, but I’d lost touch with what got me into this industry to start with, a love for design and aesthetics.

I’m now 32 and while having enough money to live is as important to me as it is for the next person, I have no desire to be guided by money or build a business driven by economics, but I want to direct my efforts in much more valuable places.

I want to rekindle my love of design and aesthetics, and put it to good use. I want to create beautiful websites that communicate the good and positives that we have to offer, that have a real life impact on their readers and demonstrate how humans can make, and are making a difference around us.

I want to make sure that my products and services are affordable to all those who are already doing these things.