Inclusive WordPress Site Management Services

  • Inbound migration
  • DNS Management
  • Go-live & testing
  • Database updates
  • PHP updates
  • Uptime monitoring & notifications
  • Monthly software & plugin maintenance

Manual WordPress Software Updates

We research potential bugs and compatibility issues before all WordPress software and plugin updates, updating only when current versions are proven to be reliable. Following all software updates, the site undergoes eyes-on testing by a real human.

Uptime Monitoring & Notifications

We have a crystal-clear overview of your site’s uptime, all the time. We receive instant downtime alerts & slow speed alerts, so we’re always on the case.

Piece Of Mind WordPress Maintenance

We offer you a complete hands-off WordPress hosting solution. With over 12 years of experience hosting and maintaining WordPress websites, we bring a wealth of knowledge that ensures all of our hosted websites are super-fast, happy, and healthy – Always.

For one valuable monthly fee, we really do take care of all your WordPress hosting, security, performance, and maintenance needs, leaving your team to keep designing and developing awesome websites.

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