About Warren Groom

I’m Warren, a 40-something year old WordPress developer, website designer, CSS nerd and car enthusiast who’s losing his hair and growing his belly.

I'm Warren Groom and I've been custom coding WordPress websites since 2008

I was born in Norwich, UK, a small and beautiful city near the East coast of England. After meeting a delightful young lady on vacation in 2009, I flew to Canada to be with her. I’ve lived here, in Toronto, ever since. We got married, had 2 kids and I still really quite like her 🙂

How I got here

My journey into this world of websites started when I was introduced to Photoshop in my teens, which led to an interest in photo editing and digital artwork. I paid a friend to build me a simple website to advertise my work and after being disappointed with the results, I reverse-engineered the website code in order to try and tweak it. A new passion was born and I’ve been coding ever since.

Ongoing education

In an ever-developing industry, I’m always keeping up with the latest advances in website development coding techniques, standards, and browser developments. It’s very rare that I’m not in the middle of one course or another, as well as following industry leaders and contributing to the web dev community.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

The future

My future looks very much the same. I love what I do, I have a great relationship with my clients and my work improves every year that passes. Most “WordPress developers” can’t build true bespoke WordPress websites, so I’m positioned really well to continue providing my services for a long time.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

What I do


Bespoke WordPress Development

I’m a custom WordPress developer, hand-coding my own custom WordPress themes from the ground up. Using only the code necessary for any website element, I provide complete flexibility over design/layout while keeping load times low and page ranking high.

Bespoke WordPress.


Budget WordPress Development

I have built my own flexible WordPress framework, enabling me to efficiently build high-quality WordPress websites. Utilising my own drag and drop page builder, I can build unique page-by-page layouts while saving time and money.

Budget WordPress.


Hosting, Security & Maintenance

I go the extra mile when it comes to the ongoing health & performance of your website. I insist on utilising my super-fast dedicated WordPress servers to maximise the performance built into your site. Included are advanced security features, performance enhancements, and ongoing maintenance.

WordPress Hosting


Website Design

While I typically develop sites designed by my agency clients, I do offer website design services. I’ve been designing websites for almost 20 years. Over the years I have adopted a website design style that is very crisp, clean & spacious. I always design mobile-first.