Advanced WordPress Security & Hosting Protection

  • Malware scanning & firewall
  • Login masking
  • IP lockout
  • Brute force protection
  • Two-factor authentication

WordPress Web Application Firewall

The most effective way to avoid security breaches and loss of data? Stop the attack from reaching your site in the first place!

This is exactly what a WAF does… building a fence on the outside of your WordPress borders – monitoring, filtering, and blocking malicious HTTP traffic BEFORE it ever hits your server/site.

Reports, Logs & Security Scans

We stay ahead of every attack. We monitor regularly automated security scans, vulnerability reports, managing safety recommendations, blocklist monitoring and core, theme, and plugin code checks.

Complete Hosting & Security Package

We offer you a complete hands-off WordPress hosting security solution. We’ve never been hacked using our combination of advanced security features, and that’s the way we plan to keep it.

Take advantage of our experience and infrastructure, remove the responsibility from your team and sleep well at night knowing that your client sites are safe & secure.

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