WordPress Maintenance

I keep your WordPress website happy and healthy. Always!

Your team can focus on your clients, doing what they do best – we’ve got this.

Why WordPress Maintenance?

In addition to my incredible hardware, performance, and security perks, my biggest value add is the ability to look after ongoing maintenance on your behalf without additional fees.

Piece of mind

I offer you a complete hands-off WordPress hosting solution. With a wealth of experience hosting and maintaining WordPress websites, you can relax knowing that your client websites are super-fast, happy, and healthy.

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Manual wordpress software updates

I research potential bugs and compatibility issues before all WordPress software and plugin updates, updating only when current versions are proven to be reliable. Following all software updates, the site undergoes eyes-on testing by a real human.

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Uptime monitoring & alerts

I have a crystal-clear overview of your site’s uptime, all the time. I receive instant downtime alerts & slow speed alerts, so I’m always on the case.

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WordPress Maintenance & Updates

Once I have your WordPress website in pristine condition, I keep it like that with regular WordPress maintenance. Just like your home, your car, and even yourself, regular care & attention help keep your website happy & healthy and increase its longevity.


Inbound migration

Migration of your WordPress website onto our servers completely FREE.


Go-live & testing

I’ll manage DNS updates and make your website live on our platform.


Database updates

I’ll keep your super fast database technology up to date and functioning at it’s best.


PHP updates

PHP performance is a huge indicator of overall website performance.


Software updates

I conduct monthly research and updates to all website software, with human eyes-on testing.


Uptime monitoring

Should a website page go offline or load slowly for any reason, I’ll be notified immediately.