White-Labelled WordPress Work

My WordPress portfolio shows less than 20% of the websites that I work on. Most of my work is white labelled and undertaken on behalf of other agencies. Other agencies include:

  • Web agencies
  • Design agencies
  • Software agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Advertising agencies

The type of work I undertake on behalf of agencies includes:

  • WordPress hosting, security & software maintenance
  • WordPress theme development
  • Website design
  • WordPress maintenance and updates
  • WordPress performance and Google Page Speed
  • Website accessibility
  • Website & SEO auditing
  • SEO strategy

All of this can be done on behalf of an agency, completely white-labelled.

Does an agency always white label my WordPress work?

No! In fact, more often than not, an agency is open with their clients about contracting me for their WordPress work and will often introduce me to their clients. Having an open and inclusive line of communication often increases efficiency and reduces the risk of mistakes that can occur through too many steps in the communication process.

That said, all new updates and work requests come to me via the agency I’m working for, not from the end client.

Why do I freelance for agencies?

There are a number of reasons, with these being my priorities:

  • Building long-term relationships. Working on multiple projects with the same team over a long period of time is great. I typically start to become part of the team, we all make connections on a more human level and I become much more invested in the success of that team and its projects. Plus, when you build things together, it’s just nicer.
  • Team work makes the dream work. Frequently working with the same people brings a number of advantages to the work. It utilises each person’s skill set for high-quality results within each specialty, we can lean on each other for ideas and inspiration, we develop a routine and rhythm to our working practices, increasing efficiencies and productivity.
  • It allows for focus. Working for yourself means that you need to wear a lot of hats, in order to meet all the needs of your clients. When I’m partnering with agencies, the agency often takes care of many of those client needs, outside of my primary skillset. This free’s up my time to do what I do best, and give that my full attention.

How do you prioritise your time for agency work?

Every month, the needs of my agency clients vary and I wriggle things around where needed to accommodate. They’re typically broken down into 3 categories:

  1. Monthly scheduled maintenance. This is work that repeats on a monthly basis, typically my hosting, security, and software maintenance packages and similar. I know how long this is going to take me every month and time is allocated for it before I consider other work.
  2. Large design and/or development projects. Typically, large WordPress design and development projects are planned months in advance and during the planning stages, we’re planning a start date for my part of the project. I typically give 50-70% of my time to large projects like this, so I can estimate the time it will take me to complete my part of the work relatively accurately. These projects often have multiple assessment and feedback periods, which fits in well with my time breakdown, and the project is rarely waiting for me.
  3. Ad-hoc updates and maintenance. These can be anything from 10-minute copy changes to multiple-hour design changes and content management. These items take up the remainder of my time and although they are often the least fun for me, they’re often the most appreciated by my clients.

Do you have the capacity for additional agency work?

Yes, No & Maybe!

Yes to new Hosting, Security & Maintenance Clients

I have capacity to manage additional sites within my hosting, security, and software maintenance packages. I have fine-tuned these processes over the years and I’ve become extremely efficient in managing these services and the associated monthly software management. This package has been extremely popular with other agencies, removing the responsibility from their in-house developers, freeing up their time for billable work. I’m happy to take on more clients for this service.

No to new Design & Development Clients

I’m not in a position to take on new agencies for large design and development projects right now. Demand for this varies, month by month, year by year, so this may change – but I’m currently booked for the coming months and it’s likely that current agency clients will be booking more work in the near future.

Maybe to new Fixes & Updates Clients

In regards to ad-hoc updates, fixes, and maintenance, I’m assessing this on a case-by-case basis. I love helping out when people are stuck and I love fixing things that others can’t, bringing a sigh of relief to people’s world. Should I have availability at the time of receiving an inquiry, I will help.