• Toronto WordPress Developer

    I am a Toronto WordPress Developer specializing in custom WordPress website development. What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful website content management system (or CMS) and blog facility in existence today. WordPress is an Open Source… Read more

  • Website content and information architecture

    Information Architecture is crucial to the success of any website. It is the bedrock of the websites navigation and overall user experience. What is information architecture Very much like the layout of a supermarket, a websites layout is crucial when it comes to the visitor finding what it is they are looking for. Supermarkets spend… Read more

  • Website Health Check

    Request a FREE Website Health Check Step 1: Simply fill in your website URL and contact email address Step 2: I’ll review the health of your website, assessing various criteria, including: Page Load Speed Search Engine Readability User Experience Accessibility Mobile Compatibility Multiple Browser Compatibility Much more Step 3: Receive your health check report and… Read more

  • Why Planyo and WordPress are my Combination of choice for Reservation Website Development

    For a great reservation or bookings website, the combination of WordPress and Planyo software is extremely powerful. Planyo has spent many many hours ensuring that their booking system integrates into WordPress websites seamlessly and the process is super simple. See my packages The WordPress content management system offers a huge amount of flexibility when it… Read more

  • WordPress 4.5, aka “Coleman”

    WordPress 4.5, aka “Coleman”, was released on April 12th. Here are some of the changes. WordPress 4.5 New Feature Overview: Inline Linking — Stay focused on your writing with a less distracting interface that keeps you in place and allows you to easily link to your content. Formatting Shortcuts — Now they’re even more useful,… Read more

  • Who and What Contributes towards good SEO

    Website Developer Responsibilities Meta Content SEO Factors Inclusion of Meta Title: Meta Title should be between 40 and 60 characters and should include the most relevant keywords that describe the topic of a webpage. Inclusion of Meta Description: Meta Description should be between 140 to 160 characters and contain the most relevant keywords. It should… Read more

  • Canine Ways Responsive Development

  • A Responsive Website Contact Page – Old vs. New

  • User Experience – An Understanding, A Philosophy

    User Experience (UX) isn’t a product or a service, it’s an understanding and a philosophy. I don’t like the term ‘user’ if I’m honest, and I prefer to replace it with the word ‘people’. It’s actually all about peoples experiences. Peoples experience is driven by peoples ever-changing behaviours and expectations, and it’s applicable to everything… Read more

  • Why I Custom Code WordPress Themes

    You can’t dig up a road with a hammer and chisel. You can’t drive your family and tow your boat back from the cottage in a Ferrari. As with many things in life, there are certain things that you do, certain tasks you undertake, where you need the right tools for the job. The right… Read more

  • 2015 SEO Trends, Hints & Tips

    As you probably know, SEO techniques are changing all the time, with Google and other search engines constantly updating the way they rank the most valuable websites. Here are a few of my latest hints and tips to keep your website SEO friendly throughout 2015 Keywords One of the important aspect is making sure you are… Read more

  • Mobile Ecommerce traffic overtakes desktop

    Mobile phones and tablets are now being used to visit online stores more than computers according to Shopify’s latest statistics. Last week, after assessing over 100,000 Shopify ecommerce stores it was shown that a little over 50% of all traffic was from mobile devices (40.3% from mobile phones, 10% from tablets) and just under half… Read more