Mobile Ecommerce traffic overtakes desktop

Mobile phones and tablets are now being used to visit online stores more than computers according to Shopify’s latest statistics.

Last week, after assessing over 100,000 Shopify ecommerce stores it was shown that a little over 50% of all traffic was from mobile devices (40.3% from mobile phones, 10% from tablets) and just under half from traditional computers and laptops.

The switch to mobile friendly, or responsive websites has become extremely common over the past 5 years, but one area that’s trailing behind is ecommerce websites. This is often due to the complexity of ecommerce websites, meaning the time and cost involved in redeveloping the site to be friendly across all devices and screen sizes is often higher than that of more traditional, less complex websites.

However, the cost of not redeveloping for mobile is far higher, not just financially, but in terms of your users experience & your reputation. These latest browsing statistics show just how mobile orientated the world has become, especially when people are doing their online shopping.