WordCamp Toronto 2017 Day 1 Take Homes

A brief summary of the areas I want to consider, learn, remind myself of or concentrate on following day #1 of #wcto.

  • There are huge opportunities in content automation
  • AdWords makes up 90+% of Google’s revenue
  • People that click ads in Google results usually know that they’re clicking an ad, are happy to be clicking that ad and realise that they are going to be sold too
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Be in front of people
  • Understand your target audience. Really understand them
  • Educate yourself more and more on Google’s algorithyms, especially UXO
  • User engagement is absolutely crucial
  • Don’t undervalue your products/services
  • Blog properly
  • Save people time, not money
  • Engage & support your community
  • Build bridges between companies physical and digital products/services
  • Do amazing things with WordPress Rest API
  • Solve real needs for real people
  • WP can be a great SaaS tool
  • There is always more that you can do to improve WordPress security