WordCamp Toronto 2017 Day 2 Take Homes

A brief summary of the areas I want to consider, learn, remind myself of or concentrate on following day #2 of #wcto.

  • Understand who you are, what you do and how you want to do it for
  • Positioning your brand and its message towards your target audience is everything
  • You’ll never grow without a niche
  • You can’t be/do everything
  • Focus your attentions on a small number of services
  • People often don’t know what they need. It’s your job to help them figure out what they need
  • Gain the trust of your clients
  • Work hard at the thing that seperates you from your competition
  • You can always do more to improve the performance of high traffic websites
  • Do more headless development
  • Research and test brainless development
  • Do more with WP Rest API
  • The world still needs additional education on the value of mobile browsing