Some points to consider when creating and managing your company blog:

  • Focus the content of your blog content. Your company blog represents your companies activities, products, services and offers etc. Keep your blog focussed with company and industry related content, show your expertise and instil confidence in your readers. We may all appreciate a video of a cat taking a swipe at the household dog, but maybe save that for your personal Facebook account.
  • Be interesting. This may seem obvious, but although you maybe interested in your industry and the content you’re writing about, your potential clients and other readers may not. Ensure that you keep your content interesting with some personality, ask questions to your readers to get them thinking and engaged. Even the dullest of articles (however necessary) can be brightened up with a little thought and consideration.
  • Keep updates regular. Updating your blog with new content regularly offers a number of benefits. Your readers will return to your site regularly to read your content, they will be aware of your latest products and offers, they will develop a stringer relationship with your brand. The more comfortable someone becomes with a brand/company, the more likely they are to buy with the least amount of sales and assistance. Google and other search engines love regularly updated websites. Keeping your website active with new content shows that your company is active within your marketplace and is sharing with it’s readers and community. An active website will rank higher in the search results that a stale one.
  • Mix things up a little. Variety is the spice of life, it really is and mixing up your content now and again will give readers something fresh and engaging, a reason to keep coming back. As mentioned above, keep your content focussed in terms of your company and industry, but you can vary your content format. Maybe you can introduce a:
    • FAQs section
    • Guest blogger
    • Competition
    • Photo gallery
    • Video
    • etc


By Warren Groom

Bespoke WordPress developer with 15+ years of experience, supporting partner agencies. WordPress design, custom theme development, maintenance, hosting & security.