Who and What Contributes towards good SEO

Website Developer Responsibilities

Meta Content SEO Factors

Inclusion of Meta Title: Meta Title should be between 40 and 60 characters and should include the most relevant keywords that describe the topic of a webpage.
Inclusion of Meta Description: Meta Description should be between 140 to 160 characters and contain the most relevant keywords. It should also include some additional information to help describe the content topic in more detail.

**Although your website developer is responsible for including the metadata, the metadata content is often supplied/created by an SEO/Marketing/Content specialist.

SEO in Website Design

Create a compelling website design that encourages visitors, sharing and return visits
Create a positive and compelling user experience that encourages visitors, sharing and return visits
Both of these areas will encourage repeat visitors and popularity of the website assists SEO

SEO in Website Development

Search engine friendly coding structure
Minimal amount of development code
Developed for “Mobile friendly” tagging by Google, to increase search engine rankings for people using mobile devices

SEO in User Experience

A positive user experience will encourage people to come back to your website, share and recommend it to others.
A well developed website that offers a good user experience on multiple devices (mobiles, tablets, HD screens etc) will be ranked better by Google.

Load Speed Assisted SEO

Image optimisation – reduce the size of images (data size, not dimensions – they won’t change visually)
Include browser caching
Include server caching (if possible – depending on hosting facility)
Minify website code and scripts
Adjust placement and load order of code and scripts
Minimal amount of development code

Host Responsibilities

Server response time
Server speed
Include server caching (Not all hosting facilities provide or allow server caching for all websites)

** I highly recommend Media Temple for website hosting. Visit their website. I have been using them for 3 years and I am super happy with server performance and support.

Client/3rd Party Responsibilities

Marketing Assisted SEO

Create unique and keyword directed metadata content
Create regular and unique website content
Create compelling website content
Market the website and it’s content
Various additional marketing methods that could include Social Media platforms, online communities and other sources