Do you use Instagram for Business? There are new Business Features to get involved in.

If you are one of the millions of people that use Instagram for business, there are new Instagram business features that you need to know about.

Until now, businesses use Instagram by creating a standard Instagram account, but Instagram now gives you the ability to create or upgrade to a business-specific account. This account synchronizes with your Facebook business page (Facebook owns Instagram BTW) and the upgrade is super quick.

Once upgraded, you can expect to see the following changes to your Instagram account:

  • The addition of a contact button on your Instagram profile, allowing people to easily call/email your business.
  • The addition of your industry category on your profile. For example, mine is labelled as “Internet/Software”.
  • The addition of your business location address to your profile. This can be removed, should you not want to share a physical location.
  • There is also an insights button at the top of your profile (for your eyes only) that gives you statistics and insights into the performance of your posts. This only applies to new posts that you create after the upgrade.

I’m sure that this is the first stage of a number of business-related upgrades that will be coming to the Instagram app. I’m curious to see what the next stages will be.

The team at Facebook/Instagram are very good at generating revenue from business advertising, so definitely expect the ability to create ads quickly and simply right from your profile in the near future. If they use Facebook’s incredible algorithms in order to target your audience, then advertising via Instagram could be extremely effective.

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