Category: User Experience

Google Mobile Friendly Website Test

My new website passes Googles ‘mobile-friendly’ test. Every single website I produce passes the Google mobile-friendly test and scores 100% on the Google mobile user experience test. What does this mean and how does it affect my website? Google rolled out an update to mobile search results in May 2016 that “increases the effect” of… Read more »

Website content and information architecture

Information Architecture is crucial to the success of any website. It is the bedrock of the websites navigation and overall user experience. What is information architecture Very much like the layout of a supermarket, a websites layout is crucial when it comes to the visitor finding what it is they are looking for. Supermarkets spend… Read more »

User Experience – An Understanding, A Philosophy

User Experience (UX) isn’t a product or a service, it’s an understanding and a philosophy. I don’t like the term ‘user’ if I’m honest, and I prefer to replace it with the word ‘people’. It’s actually all about peoples experiences. Peoples experience is driven by peoples ever-changing behaviours and expectations, and it’s applicable to everything… Read more »

Do I need to use Social Media?

Obviously, you don’t have to use Social Media if you choose not to, but for most companies I would definitely recommend it. There are a number of proven benefits for the use of Social Media, and your social media audience is huge. Some benefits include: Create Social Sales Leads – Why not use Social Media… Read more »

The importance of a good 404 page

What is a 404 page? For those of you who don’t know, and in an ideal world, you wouldn’t, I will give you a brief insight into what a 404 page is. A 404 page is what sometimes gets presented to a website visitor when the page they’re visiting doesn’t exist. They might not exist… Read more »