look and feel website design 1

An efficient and focused design process

Traditionally, a website would be designed initially in image format, in extreme detail. Once the client was happy with the design, it would be developed into the website itself, and it was often pixel perfect. That was extremely effective when the website was only ever viewed at a single specified size on standard computer screens, but in today’s world of mobile phones, tablets, phablets, netbooks, varying laptops, HD TVs etc, that simply doesn’t work.

This is where ‘look & feel’ website design plays an important role.

What I do, is design a website that encompasses the look & feel needed for the website and project. It will be guided by:

  • a company brand
  • industry expectations
  • customer expectations
  • user experience
  • website content
  • necessary functionality
  • and many additional criteria

This design establishes a user-guided and focused direction for the project. This is then translated into a style guide.

This style guide, together with additional research and documentation around the varying devices and screen sizes, set the foundations for the website development stage.

There are occasions where it makes sense to design more than one layout, and this is assessed on a project by project basis. The more complex the project/website, the more likely there is a need to create multiple visuals e.g. mobile, tablet, HD screen.