Bespoke WordPress/Planyo Website Development

Warren was recommended to me by another developer, It was all promises and not much delivered. Deadlines constantly not met, Very Slow & after asking me to numerous examples of what I wanted,The work was not even close. When asking him to change things that were wrong,It never got done. It has cost me & my business / Staff over 10K + Months of wasted time & loss of clients. Then when I asked why things were not done correctly & deadlines had not been met,He can not handle constructive criticism & was all defensive turning it back on me saying I had communication issues. Emails don’t lie… Now my website is left a mess,Numerous mistakes & is an embarrassment to all. Look at & tell me if this website is to standard? I got a developer to help as its not my expertise, Now I am left honoring bookings that have been priced incorrectly after sending rate sheets numerous times as i don’t know how to change it. Warren has no regard for this. He misquoted me & underestimated the job, Even after I said I’m happy to pay more & I expected that would happen,He has no interest.I can only assume its because he does not hold the skill or knowledge he presented at the start. If international boarders were not a factor, My lawyer would be sending him a invoice for the financially damage it has caused. Since this Saga, My business has gone from Number 1 on Trip advisor to 72,Years of hard work & reputation down the drain.

My response

Hi Tommy. I’m sorry that you feel the need to leave this after our previous discussions following frustrations all around. It is a shame that our relationship didn’t end on the positive note that we’d hoped at the beginning. I understand that you are frustrated after I (and multiple other developers) wasn’t able to work with you to the point of completion. I hope that you find the right developer to complete your project soon and that my canceled invoice plus free work on your out-of-scope services help counter some of your frustrations. F.Y.I. Your Trip Advisor issues are non-related to the final tweaks to your website. I’m sorry again that the relationship didn’t work out.

*Note – It’s worth noting that the $10K mentioned wasn’t with me, but with multiple developers.